Sepia Color

Original Fine Art Photography by artist Neeva Kedem, who traveled the world to capture these beautiful, unique images.

Each photo is:
* Professionally hand printed on a high quality, fine art 
premium paper, known for its strength and stability over time
* Carefully packaged for safe shipment
* Each Photo Size: 6"X6"
* Sets comes framed, Individual Prints comes unframed
* Larger sizes are available upon request; please contact us for more information


Set of The Magic

Art Prints with Wooden Frames

Set of Truth

Art Prints with Wooden Frames

Ancient Garden of Italy


Beauty Unadorned

Floral Balcony

Glamour Days of Rome

Graceful Rome

Italian Decor

Italian Street View

Italian Sunflower

Italy Flowers

Love Forever

Magic in the Street

Mystery Windows

Ols Chair

Peaceful Gardens

Peacful Rome

Romantic Rome Street

Rome Allure

Rome Bloom

Rome Blossom

Rome Charm

Rome First Class

Rome Loveliness

Rome Pleasure

The Beautiful Rome

The Chair

The Rome Style

Trevi Beauty

Vatican City

Vatican View Forever