Imagine Squares – Fine Art Photography

Like its sister company, Imagine Letters, Imagine Squares was established by art photographer Neeva Kedem. Neeva travelled the world to capture beautiful images; and today, her photos inspire many people around the globe.

As an art company, Imagine Squares offer its customers a great variety of art styles; from capital cities to simple nature photography, in different color options. The Idea is to keep it simple by offering only square shape prints that will enhance any wall. The pictures are printed on a high quality, fine art premium paper, known for its strength and stability over time. Each picture tells a story; some were taken at the most beautiful places in the world. To make sure she is capturing the most amazing moments, Neeva Kedem carefully chose the photography spots and sometimes waited for hours for the perfect light. Even when it meant to start the photo shoot as early as 3 A.M or come to the same place over and over again, Neeva didn’t give up: she wanted to get the best picture possible from each location. Whether it was burning hot or freezing cold, she was there, using her top-of-the-line photography equipment to get the perfect shots. The results: a stunning collection of fine art photography, presented as Imagine Squares.

Imagine Squares is constantly growing, offering a wider variety of art squares each month. If you have any suggestions for new photography locations, you are welcome to email us your suggestions. If you have a store or a gallery and wish to offer Imagine Squares to your customers, please click here for wholesale information.
You may contact us here for anything else.